What I Wish Everyone Knew About Ex Girlfriend Back

Back immediately some guys need how to get your ex-girlfriend back a few days some guys need a week or two and sometimes it takes a bit more than a month or so it really depends on how strong the relationship was and how bad the breakup was for some guys they finish watching the ten hours of video and they then contact their ex and get back with her some guys contact their ex they arrange your time to meet up they.

Meet up with her and then she’s a little bit stubborn for a while she doesn’t want to meet up she’s still bit and then they’re able to get her back the next week now some guys are blocked from everything social media phone you name it and she doesn’t want to talk to them so then they need to use techniques prior to being able to get her on the phone to be able to get her to answer.

A text get on the phone and then meet up with them so sometimes that can take a couple of weeks so it really depends on your situation but what I can guarantee for you is that my approach to getting a woman back is the fastest way to get her back because it’s not about ignoring her all right I’m not telling you hey go no contact and stop talking to her for or days.

I’m saying get this done now right I’m saying watch the ten hours of video and at the end of the ten hours of video start right start contacting us start doing what you need to do to get this back together the next question what if she’s already seeing someone else in my program I explain exactly what to text her and what to say to her on the phone to get her to agree to meet up with you regardless of how close she is with this new guy and how protective this new guy is of her.